Bubble Spa B - 140 Elegance (4 person - 211 gallons)

Easy to Use

It's designed for easy use: easy to set up, easy to inflate, and easy to drain. Smart inflation: connect both ends of the pipe and press the “BUBBLE” button. Inflation will be done in less than 5 minutes. Integrated self-drainage system avoids having to bale out.

Rigid & Strong

Mspa uses an internal beam structure. It comprises of multiple air chambers (similar to a pocket sprung mattress) that make it much more rigid and durable than other inflatable spas available.

Quiet & Neat

Integrated internal control system makes it an attractive and neat spa.
This integrated internal control system not found on other inflatable spas makes the spa a lot quieter due to the insulation provided by both the spa construction and the water inside it.

Clean Water

Like their bigger and more expensive cousins, inflatable spas need their water to be regularly turned over and filtered. The more often this is done in a given period (normally expressed as liters per hour), the better the filtering ability of the spa and the cleaner the water. The Mspa delivers 1700 liters per hour filtration which is more efficient than other spas in the market

Energy Saving

The Mspas have the best insulation with an inflatable lid which also has an inner inflatable ring to hold the lid securely in position on top of the spa. The inflatable foil lined cover and inflatable tight fitting ring seal provide maximum heat insulation to MSpa.

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